Sector experience

We help organisations involved in education and business to develop exactly the systems and software they need.

We’ve worked with education providers for 10+ years, partnering with them to provide custom end-to-end solutions for every aspect of the student lifecycle, from registration to graduation.

Projects have a strong focus on system automation and integration, to ensure the student and staff experience is fully streamlined across college website, application, customer relationship management, learning management, attendance and student information systems.

We also integrate software that enables live streaming and catch-up services and have produced iOS and android apps for students and staff.

With systems in place, many of our education clients engage us for ongoing support services, covering regular software updates and upgrades, and reactive technical support.
Medium to large enterprises
We pride ourselves on our ability to solve complex business problems through software systems modified to your exact business needs.

A key focus for our enterprise clients is business process automation – using software systems to simplify or eliminate manual processes and to strengthen information-sharing, collaboration and communication across business functions. We work closely with internal teams to develop an understanding of existing processes and make recommendations on how to achieve improved process efficiency and customer service with minimal disruption.

Our recommendations may include new software systems or development of your legacy software. Most software is designed to ‘suit all’ which is great in many situations but in some cases will prohibit what you want to achieve. We can make robust modifications to meet the needs of your business.
Small to medium enterprises
We work with start-ups and SMEs in diverse sectors, helping entrepreneurs to make informed decisions about the systems, software modifications, websites and aps they need to realise their ambitions.

Making sure the technology is flexible to meet changing needs is essential, as is recognising that many small businesses do not have a dedicated head of IT or technology team and may need additional guidance on the strategies that will work for them.

We keep things simple, make recommendations that will serve long-term aims and guide clients through their system software investments.

We can also provide outsourced support on system software installations that we’re involved in.
We take time to define:
  • The learning, buying, collaboration and membership experiences you want to provide at every stage of interaction
  • Every detail of your internal processes
  • Where automation will support your service and business objectives
  • Which platforms need to integrate
  • Which applications will be best served from the cloud Where legacy systems and software need to be updated or replaced
  • Where modifications to software will enhance the experience you provide and the benefits your organisation gains
Long-term thinking and partnerships
We make sure every system we install has the capacity to adapt to more users and new locations as your organisation evolves and grows; guaranteeing your technology investment continues to deliver over the long-term.

Helping our clients get the maximum return from the solutions we provide is how we build long-term partnerships. Clients return to us again and again because they know we deliver robust and adaptable systems that are fit for purpose..

Who we’ve worked with

We’ve helped learning organisations serve their students, enterprises meet the needs of employees and customers, and start-ups to go mobile first with their service.

““Inneal are very solutions driven. They find better ways of doing things. I can throw an idea at them and they’ll find a way to do it.””

Edward Ormonde
Dublin Business School