What we do

Bespoke Software Development

At Inneall, we believe that software is not a "One size fits all". Your business is unique and while off the shelf software certainly has a purpose, in a lot of cases a company can benefit from a bespoke, custom built system.

We can work with you to put in place a Software System to address any business challenge you may be facing. We believe this is an area were companies have the most oppertunity to benefit from technology.

Web Application Development

Our team has extensive experience developing Web Applications using a wide array of different technologies. We specislise in Web Application Development with a key focus on giving the user control over the resulting product.

To achieve this we make use of many Content Management Systems to provide you with the ability to control many aspects of your Web Application going forward, reducing the need for further development.

Custom Business Process Automation

One of our key strengths at Inneall is our ability to analyse business processes and design Software which will enhance these. The goal of this is to remove innefficiencies and allow staff within a business to focus on more important tasks, relying on the software system to automatically do repetitive, time consuming work.

We have worked with our clients in different industries to put in place automated software which has resulting in huge productivity in provements for their company.

System Integration

Many systems within a business operate in isolationg from one another. This can lead to a lot of manual data entry and tedious processes. We can help streamline this by implementing a bespoke integration solution between your in house systems.

We have many years of experience analysing client application and determining the best approach to ensure these systems work together.

Outsourced Software Development

One of the areas we can help you with is providing an outsourced development solution. We can work with your in house teams to help with a backlog which has built up over time.

Alternatively if you have no in house resources, we can provide a fully external outsourced software development solution.

Business Cloud Migration

Cloud solutions have become very popular in recent years and in a lot of cases the make good financial sense for a business. If you currently host all of your business application in house, there may be cost savings to consider with a migration to a service such as AWS or Azure.

We can work with you to identify any oppertunity which may exist in this area and provide a full implementation service for any migration.

Our Process

Detailed Requirements Analysis

One of the most important phases of any project is gathering a solid understanding of the requirments. Our team will work very closely with you to get a clear picture of what is needed from the projects and what goals you are trying to achieve.

Design and System Architecture

Once our team has a clear idea of what is needed, we will produce a detailed design for the entire system. This could include UI design, software architecture and technology recommendation. We will then review this with you and make modifications as required.

Iterative Agile Development

At Inneall, we follow and Agile Development process with a key focus on delivering working prototypes at set phases during the development cycle. The aim of this is to ensure that the client gets their hands on working software early in the process so that any adjustments can be made before the finished product is delivered.

Software Handover & Support

Once the development is complete and testing has been finished the software will be delivered to the client. Inneall can hand this over completely or offer you a managed solution. We aim to build long term relationships with all of our clients and can work with you on any future changes or enhancements to your system.